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I See Spiders When I Close my Eyes

I'm making my journal "semi-friends only"

This is for the reason that I don't want non-lj users reading some details of my journal. :) I prefer to keep my cyber life and my real life seperated, thank you. It all comes with the blogosphere, really.

If you do not like random posting with picture spams, then I suggest that you don't add this journal. I tend to do that, honestly. :)


Hello New Year. This journal has been alive for 6 years already. Has been tried and tested with time and is still not failing me. My username is immaturely embarrassing but I have no plans of moving out just because this journal is precious to me. 2011, may you be another awesome year and I hope to write more!^^


I am seriously not happy for you on your birthday.

Rebel Kid

I cannot believe that I prefer guys with accents and who curse a lot . Mother will not be proud of my preferences.

The Rockafeller Skank

CAT POWER! I'm kidding. I am on my well deserved summer break from college and I'm trying really hard to make it productive. So far there aren't any plans of going to beaches or countries yet since my parents are way too busy to even care about my summer break. Ranting, much?

I got my grades from last semester and they're quite high from what I expected. What did I do last semester? I skipped classes often enough for me to earn a failure due to absences and I rarely study for tests and exams. But I guess my recitation points are high enough to pull them up.

This summer, I got a new laptop that is enough to keep me busy. I tinker with it the whole day by playing Sims 2 and to feed my abnormal hunger for the internet. This is bad, I tell you.

Call me when you get this

It is someone's birthday today. Still deciding whether or not I should greet that person. Hmm..

I laugh..

At the thought of going to a cross dressing party and I do not know what to wear. Then I laugh once again when I thought what do bisexuals wear to a cross dressing party?LOL


This thing is getting out of hand. I always have crushes, that's true. The last time I experienced this form of confrontation is high school. And God knows I'm years away from high school. I never did anything wrong. I didn't even make my usual crush-worthy moves. I don't even understand why you people found out seriously. I don't even stare or gawk at this person. I talk to this person as casually as possible or if I JUST HAVE TO. whut?

It's either you people assumed or she assumed. That's the only possible way.

SO IMMATURE. Stop staring asdfghjkl at me.

So you guys want to be a part of this? Fine.
To be praised by a Palanca awardee and probably one of the most infulencial people in literature, yes, IT'S A BIG DEAL FOR ME.

I think I'm going to go and find some more poems to critique.

I believe some women are virgins.
I believe some women would like to be virgins.

I believe in love without proof.